Carriage & Gates

Historic Doors designs and constructs carriage doors for large-scale projects in addition to residential properties. We build authentic swinging carriage doors and panels for overhead doors. We have supplied doors for firehouses, garages, and motor courts.

Historic Doors builds custom gates as well. We work closely with landscape professionals to bring our clients a gate that is an elegant solution to their privacy and security needs.

Carriage doors were entry doors designed to provide clearance for the height and width of horse-drawn carriages. These could range from the carriage houses and gates of private estates and homes to public buildings such as firehouses.

Following the same technological development as other doors, the construction of carriage doors also evolved from plank-style to frame-and-panel. More often, tongue and groove boards were used as panels instead of raised solid wood panels.

Many of the gates pictured here were designed in collaboration with Hess Landscape Architects of Landsdale, PA.