Historic Doors | Fine Craftsmanship in Woodworking

Historic Doors,produces custom wood doors and traditional joinery for a wide range of clients.

Within our name, we understand that Historic both honors and references the best from the past, while remaining rooted in the present and relevant for the future. We draw from principles of design and construction that lend utility and grace to buildings of the modern world.

We believe every building can be significantly improved with thoughtfully designed entryways and woodwork that fits seamlessly within its context.

Order, proportion, and harmony are attributes accessible for every project.

In business since 1981, we are a family-owned company. Our work is fabricated entirely in our shop by local craftsmen, many of whom have been with us for decades. Their accumulated skill and experience are integral to everything we build.

What we love about the work we do is turning ideas into designs, and transforming raw materials into products that provide delight for our clients. We strive to provide excellent return on investment by supplying durable woodwork and timeless design.