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Historic American Doors Compiled by Historic Doors in 1996 this book includes more than 200 measured drawings from the Historic American Buildings Survey collection. The drawings are classified by architectural style, with introductory comments about each period and style. Contact Historic Doors to order a copy of the book.
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“Historic Doors’ Worshipful Woodwork at Bryn Athyn Cathedral” Published in Traditional Building magazine, July 2016 and written by Gordon Bock. View article online

“Warm Welcome: Treat Guests to a Traditionally Styled Entry” Published in New Old House, Summer 2016 and written by Jennifer Sperry. View Article Online

“Making an Entrance: In Search of a Classical Doorway” Published in Period Homes, July 2015 and written by Gordon Bock. View Article Online

“Point of Entry: An Overview of Historic Doors” First published in Traditional Building magazine, this 1999 article by Steven Hendricks surveys door construction techniques of American buildings from the earliest settlements through the 19th century.
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